Why has my withdrawal been declined?

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Your withdrawal may have been declined for various reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons and the appropriate actions you can take.

Insufficient funds available for withdrawal: if you do not have enough available funds in your trading account to cover the requested withdrawal amount, the withdrawal may be declined. In such cases, you could decide to close some positions or orders to increase the available funds. Alternatively, you may choose to initiate a withdrawal for a smaller amount.

Requested documents have not been provided: check the ‘My requests’ section of the trading platform for any document requests from us. In the case of a declined withdrawal, it is likely that we will have requested a bank statement that shows the original deposit from your card.

In addition to showing the original deposit from your card, please also ensure that all four corners of the document are visible and that your name, the bank logo and the account number are clearly legible. This can then be uploaded securely through the platform. Alternatively, you can contact us on Live Chat or send the documents to support@capital.com.

In certain circumstances, it’s also possible that the funds have been initiated to a different payment method.
The reason for this is that in order to comply with regulatory obligations, we may have had to return funds to the same payment method used at the time of depositing. If you wish to withdraw funds to another payment method, you should confirm the ownership of the payment method used to deposit funds by uploading a bank statement as described above.

The volume limit per transaction exceeded: if your requested withdrawal amount exceeds the allowed limit, try dividing it into smaller parts and initiate multiple withdrawals accordingly.

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