Does a chart show a buy or sell price?

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By default, the charts show 'sell' prices (bid). To switch to 'buy' prices (ask), just follow these steps.

In the app

1. Tap on any market to view its chart
2. Tap the 'Expand' button at the bottom right of the chart
3. Tap the 'Bid' button in the top menu

On the web platform

1. In 'Charts', click on your market to view its chart
2. Click on the 'Bid' button in the top menu

It's important when checking the charts that you select the correct price type based on the direction of the trade. Remember, if you sell to open (i.e. have a short position), then you will need to buy to close. Therefore, if you want to see when your stop or take-profit will trigger for a short position, then you need to select the ‘Ask’ price on the chart.

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