How can I add a new card to my account?

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You can easily add a card to your account. Follow the same steps as making a deposit (see 'How can I make a deposit?'), and select 'Bank card'.

Please note, when withdrawing funds we are required to return the funds to the direct source we received them from, in line with our regulatory obligations related to anti-money laundering.

For example, imagine you have used two cards to fund your account:
£100 from card ending **1234
£200 from card ending **5678

If you later withdraw £300, the payment back to you will need to be split to reflect the original deposits. Therefore you would receive:
£100 back to card ending **1234
£200 back to card ending **5678

Once all the cards used for depositing funds onto your account have been fully refunded, you can withdraw any profits back to your bank account.

Please note that you cannot withdraw funds back to a card that has not been used to make a deposit. In certain circumstances we may require proof of card ownership before we can facilitate withdrawals.

Our recommended deposit method is instant bank transfer, which is a secure method of depositing funds to your trading account. Funds can then be returned to you within the shortest timeframe, by the same method, when you choose to withdraw.

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