What documents can I provide to verify my source of funds?

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We are responsible for checking the source of your funds so that we can track and prevent financial crime.

As a result, you may get a message from us asking you to send us proof of the source of your funds.

When you receive this message, please verify your source of funds by uploading a scan, screenshot or photo of one of the following, clearly showing your name and the relevant dates and amounts:

- Bank statements for the past three months
- Pay slips for the past three months
- A tax statement
- A copy of the sale agreement of a property, OR a bank statement showing the proceeds of the sale arriving in your bank account
- For an inheritance, the grant of probate, the inheritance will AND a bank statement showing the received funds and your current balance

You can also send us documents relating to any of the following that prove the source of your funds: self-employment, freelance or affiliate activities, dividends, rent, pension, sales of shares, investments, gifts, lottery, divorce and gambling etc.

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