Connecting your MetaTrader4 (MT4) account to MyFxBook

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MyFxBook is a tool which provides comprehensive analytics to help you scrutinise your strategies, track performance, and gain valuable information about your trading activities. 

In order to connect your MT4 (How to create a MetaTrader4 account?) account to MyFxBook tool you should first of all create an Investor (Read only) password in MT4 itself. To do so please login to the MT4, go to the Tools -> Options -> Server. There you will see a Change button upon clicking on which you will be suggested to change the password. Please mention your current password there, then choose the ‘Change investor (read only) password’ option and create your password (for security reasons, we suggest that the investor password is different to the initial one). You should use exactly this password to connect your MT4 account to MyFxBook.

In MyFxBook itself you should login to your account there, then click on the Portfolio -> Add account option. You will be redirected to the screen where you should click on the Add Account button in order to see account connection options. Please, choose MetaTrader 4 (Auto Update) line and fill in your account’s name, choose broker, choose the server depending on the type of your account and mention account number and investor password.

Congratulations, you successfully connected your account to MyFxBook tool.

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