How is my account balance calculated?

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Below is an explanation of some key figures displayed on the platform.

‘Funds’: This figure will increase with any deposits you make to the account, any profits you realise, or any credits you receive. Funds will reduce when you withdraw money from your account, close any losing trades, or pay any overnight fees.

‘P&L’: This shows the overall running profit and loss of the open positions in your portfolio. In the example above, this shows a net combined running loss of open positions of -£0.66.

‘Equity’: Funds + P&L. This figure indicates the current value of your account (ie if you were to close all your positions now and realise the -£0.66 loss).

‘Margin’: the money on the account reserved for maintaining your open positions. Every position you hold will require a minimum deposit which is known as the margin.

‘Available’: this is the amount you have available to place new trades or to withdraw from your account. This is calculated as your equity - margin.

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