Can I disable or change the level at which my positions are closed-out option when I am on a margin call?

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Unfortunately it is not possible to disable or change the close-out level. The requirements for this are set by our regulators and are mandatory for all retail clients to ensure that you cannot lose more than your deposited amount.

To avoid being closed out of your positions when on a margin call, you can either deposit additional funds to take your account off the margin call or you can close or reduce positions yourself.

When you're on a margin call, we'll email you to let you know. Please keep in mind that markets can move very rapidly and there's no guarantee that you'll have time to manage your position(s) before a margin close-out occurs.

You're considered to be on a margin call when the ratio between your equity and required margin falls below 100%. Click here to learn more about what a margin call is.

Margin call stages

1. If your equity drops below 100% of the required margin, you'll no longer be able to open new trades or place orders.

2. If your equity-to-margin ratio drops below 75%, you’ll receive the second margin call notification. You still won't be able to open new trades or place orders.

3. If the equity is equal to or less than 50% of the required margin, it means you've reached the minimum allowed margin level and your trades will be gradually closed out.

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