What is the overnight funding fee?

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Every time you hold a trade open overnight, your position will be subject to an interest fee. How the fee is calculated – and whether you pay or receive it – depends on a range of factors.

Why am I charged overnight funding?
You’re charged overnight funding to cover the dealing costs inherent in holding a position overnight.

When does the overnight fee apply?
A position held overnight will be subject to the overnight fee.

1X accounts are not subject to overnight funding.
1:1 leverage CFD trades and spread bets on shares are also not subject to overnight funding.

How can I see what the overnight fee will be?

Before opening a position, you can see the projected overnight fee amount by clicking on ‘Order details’ on the deal ticket.

To see overnight fees applied to positions you’ve held overnight, please click on the ‘Reports’ section of the platform.

Example: holding an index CFD trade overnight

Let's say you have a position of one contract on the US Tech 100, currently priced at 12475. Your position’s full exposure is, therefore, $12,475.

The US Tech 100 underlying market is denominated in USD. Therefore, the applicable interest rate benchmark is the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR) – which is at the time of writing 4.66448% annually, or 0.01278% daily.

Our daily fee is 0.01096%.

To hold a long position overnight, you would pay 0.02374% – SOFR plus our fee – of your exposure, which is $2.96.

To hold a short position, you would receive 0.00182% – SOFR minus our fee – of your exposure, which is $0.23.

Please note that these rates could change in the future, but the current rates are always displayed on our platform.

Where can I read more about fees with Capital.com?

For further examples on how the overnight fee is calculated on indices, commodities, forex and shares, please visit our charges and fees page here.

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