Do you provide real-time prices?

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Yes, our prices update without the need to refresh your page. Therefore, you can open positions at the displayed prices as well as track the impact of market price movements on your open positions in real time.

We also offer after-hours trading on a large selection of US equities, meaning you’re able to trade on live prices from 9.10am-1am (UK time) Monday-Thursday and from 9.10am-10pm (UK time) on Friday in these markets.

Please note, if you're using a search engine (such as Google) to check a market, then it's likely a delayed price will be displayed. Please also keep in mind that if you're searching a US equity outside of the main trading session (2.30pm-9pm UK time), search engines will likely be displaying the last closing price. While the market is open, our platform will be displaying live prices, which is why there's likely to be a difference.

It’s important to note that there are certain market conditions where it isn’t possible for orders to be executed at the displayed market price. The most likely causes of this are insufficient market liquidity or the size of the order. Further information on this can be found in our order execution policy.

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