What are the units used to measure different markets?

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In CFD trading, the measurement units vary across the markets, in line with how they are traded in the underlying market.
For example:

Shares: traded in the price per share, with the currency determined by how the stock trades in the underlying market (i.e Meta Inc in USD per share, Barclays in GBP per share)
Indices: priced per contract - eg UK 100 is denominated in GBP, Germany 40 is denominated in EUR etc
Forex: notional value of the first name (base) currency, denominated in the second name (quote) currency. i.e £1,000 of GBP traded in USD
Commodities: Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum are traded in USD per troy ounce. Brent Oil and Crude Oil are traded in USD per barrel.

In spread betting, trading is carried out in ‘amount per point’. So, if the base currency of your account is GBP, your trade size will be in £ per point.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that 1 point is always the number to the left of the decimal place. For more information on spread betting, click here.

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