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What are the main improvements to the charts?
With the new charts, you’ll benefit from considerable improvements such as:
A comprehensive visual upgrade enabling customised colours and layouts
Improved navigational and toolbar functionality
Additional indicators, drawings, ruler, and emojis, including extra moving averages, upgraded Fibonacci features, and more
The ability to compare two markets on the same chart
The ability to save indicator templates and layouts across web and mobile

When are they being released?
The charts are set to be released the week of 24 June.

Are they available to all clients?
Yes, all clients can benefit from these chart upgrades.

Are they available on app and web?
The charts are available across all devices via app and web.

Do I need to take any action to see the new charts?
You may need to update your mobile app to benefit from our new charts.

Will the introduction of the new charts change my existing setup?
No – while the navigation and feel of the charts will be different, the main functionality is the same.
Most of your existing indicators will be saved under ‘Indicator Templates’ in the top navigation bar next to the ‘Indicators’ menu. All indicators on your mobile app will be saved as ‘Migrated Indicators (Mobile)’. On the web platform, indicators saved in the trading area will be migrated into templates under ‘Migrated Indicators (Web)’. Unfortunately, all indicators on the ’Charts’ tab will need to be re-added. Please refresh your page to see the new template.

Is there a fee for accessing these charts?
No, you can enjoy these new charts completely free of charge.

Are there differences between these charts and TradingView platform charts?
We offer most of the features of TradingView charts, plus free access to premium features, including the ability to display multiple indicators at the same time.

Are there any educational videos on how to use the new charts?
Yes! You’ll find a comprehensive yet straightforward video walkthrough of our new charts and how to use them here.

How can I set up new layouts?
Once you’ve customised your chart, go to the top right corner, click ’Save’ and you can create a name for your new layout. Whenever you want to use this layout again, go to the arrow next to ’Save’, click on ‘Load Layout’ and you can find whichever layout you want to apply.

How do I change the colours on the chart?
All customisation settings can be found in the top right corner of the chart, via the ‘Settings’ cogwheel icon.

How can I feed back on the changes?
We’re always looking for ways to upgrade our trading solutions to help you make better decisions – so if you have any feedback on our new charts, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us directly through live chat from within the app or web platform. You can also get in touch via WhatsApp, or by emailing We’re here 24 hours a day.

Why have you changed the charts?
We’re driven to provide a trading platform that’s intuitive and responsive – but also simple to use. And it’s that drive that fuels our daily mission to help you make better decisions in the markets.
We believe the quality of our charts is integral to your improvement, and we hope the upgrades will help build your skills and confidence when you trade.

If your chart is not loading properly please clear your cache.

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